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Physioacoustic therapy

How does Physioacoustic works?

Physioacoustic therapy affects all body functions, mainly the control centre in the brains, the thalamus, but also on other nerve tissue, muscle and connective tissue and the blood and lymph circulation. The technology has been incorporated into a special reclining therapy chair. There are six audio speakers placed connected to a special software program. The speakers produce audible and sensible sound vibrations that will influence the body at cellular level.
Physioacoustic therapy is based on the natural frequency of every human cell. Upon playing the correct frequency, a specific group of cells will vibrate unconstrained. In physics this is called resonance. The natural frequencies of numerous groups of body cells are stored in the computer software. Different frequencies in a range of 27 till 113 Hertz are combined to achieve the optimum resonance.


The Physio-acoustic
chair activates
The Physio-acoustic
chair alleviates
The Physio-acoustic
chair improves
The Physio-acoustic
chair reduces
Blood circulation Neuropathic pain Concentration Elevated blood pressure
Flow of lymphatic fluids Headaches    Quality of sleep Stress
Energy levels Anxiety     Functioning of the immune system Muscle tension
Performance    Inflammation