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The weekly program of our Senior Activity Center consists of a variety of different individual and communal activities, so you or your loved one will be certain to find something of interest!

Each day at the elderly day care center begins with a morning circle where everyone has the opportunity to have their say, followed by a short physical activity suited to your level of fitness. If you need rehabilitation services, we will tailor-make an individual care plan for you.

In addition to this, there are training activities for physical, mental and social health every day. We also offer fun in the form of virtual tours, outings or excursions to interesting places such as parks, gardens and museums.

Another highlight are the daily meals, where we will be happy to cater to everybody´s individual taste preferences. Participating in our activities is voluntary. We understand that not all days are the same, so if you do not wish to partake but would prefer to do something else instead, that is fine too.

The activity program can be tailored, so that we can and will change elements in order to always keep it appealing.