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As brother and sister, Jussi and Mari, we came into this sector when our parents realised their long term dream of buying an old municipal retirement home. We moved to the site and spent our youth in the warm community of Hopeaharju. Our mother spent the first two full years working – without breaks! Thus when we wanted to see her, we had to go and find her at work, in the midst of our customers. We were like one big family. Our father for his part took care of all the real estate and its redevelopment for the expanding operations of Hopeaharju.

From the very beginning it was clear that the daughter Mari would continue in her mother’s footsteps as a nursing and welfare professional, and she began her training in 1999. Finally in 2008 Hopeaharju came under Mari’s leadership as responsibility was transferred from one generation to the next. Operations have since diversified and in 2014 a new service unit, Hopeakoto, was completed at the same site, with HoviKoti expanding to several new localities.

HoviKoti is an independent Finnish family-run chain of care service companies. Its care service units employ over 100 service professionals who give each unit a face, character and all the energy that a safe and inspiring atmosphere commands.

HoviKoti has attracted a lot of attention and its operational model has received international interest. We currently have operations in Finland, Spain and Singapore.

On each market we operate in collaboration with local experts and our services are produced and managed locally, as it’s important to our customers that HoviKoti is a safe and familiar place with all the things dear to them in their own culture.

Our operations all over the world are very straightforward. We take a fair and human approach to both customer service and partnerships. We think that a good life consists of very small, but ultimately very meaningful things. We feel that our role at HoviKoti is to give our customers the best chance at an enjoyable life, to learn new things and have meaningful new experiences every day.

Jussi & Mari